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An exhibition project on EU- MAN's 10th anniversary

Description of the project

The European Union Migrant Artists' Network will celebrate its 10 th anniversary on the 10th of January 2007, preparations for this occasion are already started, but a large-scale exhibition will take place on the occasion.

Through the EU-MAN channel, the Universal Magazine we spread to our members the news of the project and through our web site as well. The deadline for applying is 31st of May this year and we are working towards implementing the project in its timetable or as it scheduled.

EU-MAN will curry our the responsibility of many things, like transporting the works and publishing a big catalogue for the event and will make publicity and so on.

Participants will work on the theme of the third culture, that what we gave and spread, and they are requested to write at least one page of A4 explaining how their art work related and showing the idea of the third culture.

What third culture might be, it is a simple idea, it is hybrid culture, or in other words, it is a combination of two cultures. Migrants are belonging to their culture of origin and living now in second culture, but are they producing different culture? if it is so, it should be a third one which is combining between these both cultures.

As we believe in EU-MAN that the question of immigration is not political one, but it is rather a cultural one, so we discuss this matter a lot and made our work on this theory as you know though your participation of supporting our association.

That is why we established for this project at this occasion, and because the critics came from different many organisations and individuals that we are seeking the politic and we should work with the politician rather to work for the culture sector.

The project will be gathered by a huge publication, it is a catalogue, which will be printed on size 25X35 cm designed specially for the theme of the third culture, it will include the article of the artists “mentioned above” and some analysis of professional critics and pictures of the works of the artists.