Mr. Abdulamir Khatib and Mr. Claes Andersson - The Finnish Minister of Culture 95-98
Mr. Andersson
with EU-MAN


"EU-MAN 98"
This is the name of the travelling exhibition which TURKU, "one of the biggest and most beautiful Finnish cities," will witness, in August. The exhibition is the fruit of one and a half year's hard work, where the EU-MAN's board members have spent a lot of their time and energy voluntarily, to make the EU-MAN 98 project a successful one.
This project has brought a large number of migrant artists living in the EU together. We have to confess that this project has been supported by everyone and has received a lot of support and effort from the migrant artists themselves as well as official organizations. Everybody was following their strongest impulses to get it completed.
Migrant artists will come to Turku from five EU countries in one of the most important artistic and cultural occasions of this former Finnish capital, they have come to say, "Yes, we have a lot to express, but we have a lot we can share, too. We are here with you to share in the building of contemporary civilization"
From Holland, a country with rich migrant traditions, come Ziad Haider, Sadik A. Kwaish, Abeer AL Khateb, Hamid Razik, Nadim El Chelabi. Qiangli Liang, Mohammad Hussein Abdulla and Ali Rashid, to tell their artist colleagues that we should be one in this NETWORK which brings advantages to all of us.